Are you an intermediate or experienced artist wanting to develop your skills in the discipline of botanical and natural history painting?

Do you need to get your botanical painting going again?

Brush up your observation and painting skills and learn new challenging methods to accurately illustrate using traditional painting techniques.

About the Course -
To celebrate 20 years working as a natural history and botanical artist and tutor, Simon Williams will be offering a short 12-month course for you to complete at home.
The course is designed around a series of 6 modules, in which you will be set practical projects to complete in drawing, perspective, textures and techniques, flora and fauna and biodiversity subjects.
Your final artwork at the end of each project will be posted to Simon for evaluation and critique.

Simon’s tutoring methods differ to most botanical art tutors because Simon prefers to focus a lot more on the advanced capabilities of Photoshop to show students, on their own images where improvements can be made, how to improve details and understand the importance of accurate observation.

A copy of the students’ artwork is taken either as a scan or digital photograph and in Photoshop necessary changes are made to render details, show colour matches and give shading advice.

Very few botanical tutors use this method and more often, they will rely on video demonstrations. There are huge advantages to digitally modified visuals over video. For example, by using Photoshop, a painting composition can be complete deconstructed and put together in a more visually pleasing layout. Leaf venations can be redrawn, tapered and corrected and even linear outline drawings can be improved. Something that cannot be broken down through video.
This ‘new version’ visual can be emailed to the learner to aid progress and development.

The technology, Adobe photo editing software and the skills needed to use digital graphics drawing tablets are more in the realms of designers and editors than traditional botanical artists.

Simon likes to cross both traditional and digital editing in his tutoring approach.
“To have visuals provided in this way has been extremely useful to my students. Tutoring this way will be a significant feature to my Course and one that I believe enhances a students' learning experience. Often, I provide comparisons for students with before and after amendments to help highlight how my advice would benefit”.

Course projects have been written to encourage students to work under their own initiative, come up with reference material and build on their thought processes to complete the project. Guidance will be given to offer help with subject matter, decide whether it is too difficult or challenging for the set project or make alternative suggestions during the Zoom consultation before you start the project. This course has been developed to help you improve your existing skills, challenge and fulfil your painting ambitions.
Working in either watercolour or gouache medium, modules are set based around a combination of botanical and natural history topics to choose from.

The course will offer mentoring where you will have the opportunity to have an introduction to the course upon enrolment.
Consultations will be provided through the course. One 30-minute Zoom consultation at the beginnig of each project to discuss any questions you have regarding the project. Advise will be given during this consultation on drawing and painting techniques. A second 30 minute consultation via Zoom, Email, Whatsapp or telephone will be scheduled 4 weeks into your project.
This time should be used to discuss your progress and also talk about any difficulties you may be having with painting techniques.

Flexible enrolment dates
If this course sounds appealing to you, please contact Simon directly for further information and a prospectus.

Payment options are available and immediate or planned start dates can be arranged. You will need to have some experience in botanical art or natural history painting and must have the willingness to pursue a precise rather than loose style of painting.

Simon will endeavour to give you confidence in your own ability, hone your existing skills and help you to achieve brilliance in your artwork.

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