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Turner Acryl Gouache
Turner Acryl Gouache is a paint that has the appearance of a matte gouache but the permanence of an acrylic. Simon was asked to try these paints out and write a review which came out in the June 2012 edition of The Artist magazine.
Turner Acryl Gouache TO BUY

These paints are a very popular choice for Simon. They have the ability to produce excellent colours and mixes can be layered very well over the top of each other. Washes can still be applied over the detail and gradually the colour build up keeps its opacity. A very good point to this medium is that upon the detail work, thin washes can still be applied without lifting the underneath layers. It remains matt and opaque like Gouache and each time another wash or dry brush detail is rendered the opacity improves.

This A4, full colour illustration has been painted using Turner Acryl Gouache. It was fantastic to work with for building up delicate washes and using some of the colours neat on the coral fish gave vibrant refreshing colours.