SW Illustrations

Illustration Work
Illustration work shown below has been done as either personal projects or for customers listed on the clients page

KOOKABURRA - Dacelo novaeguineae
Painted in gouache on Fabriano Pittura paper

Jewel beetle Chrysochroa saundersii   Rhinoceros beetle Chalcosoma caucasus
These beetles were illustrated separately as portfolio sample projects.
The Jewel beetle was painted using Turner Acryl Gouache the Rhino' beetle W&N Designers' gouache

Koala Bear illustration with gouache. Personal portfolio project.

The two images below were produced for the 'Handbook of Plant Forms for Botanical Artists'.
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Illustration work for JDO Brand Design and Innovation

Zlatopramen Radler Zimní

Illustration work for Tangible Advertising Agency based in Scotland.

Finished advertisment posters for Tiso, an outdoor clothing company.

Illustrations produced for Winsor and Maidenhead Borough Council

A finished information board that the illustrations were used for.

A step - by - step guide for the Artist and Illustrators magazine on plant illustrations in Gouache.
How to paint a Bromeliad in gouache