SW Illustrations

  Simon Williams SBA is an RHS Gold Medalist and regarded as one of   the UK's leading botanical artists. From many years of illustrating, Simon   has developed excellent skills in gouache, watercolour and acryl-gouache   mediums.

  Simon has been a member of the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) since   2002 and received Certificates of Botanical Merit in both 2001 and 2003.

 In 2013 Simon became the Course Director of the SBA Distance   Learning Diploma Course.

 Simon is the author and artist of the book Botanical Painting with  Gouache published in 2016 by Batsford. In July 2018 Simon was awarded   a Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal for a series of paintings titled  'A Broad Selection of Tropical Pitcher Plants - Nepenthes', painted in   watercolour.

 Through his business SW Illustrations Simon has been involved with illustration projects for large agencies and design companies supplying artwork for books, magazines, clothing companies and brand designs.

Simon originally trained as a natural history illustrator and tutors botanical and natural history painting workshops throughout the UK and abroad. Each workshop is structured and organized with specific demonstrations. Simon makes plenty of time during class to assist each students' individual needs and abilities.

To book a workshop or lecture with Simon please contact him directly via email.